The gods watch percy and annabeth in tartarus fanfiction

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Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. Once again, a monster attacks the Argo II. Annabeth gets hurt in the fight, and Percy fails to remain calm cool and collected as she fights for her life. Leo rolled her shirt up her stomach next to me, gasping at what he saw. Hades had warned him that some deaths shouldn't be stopped but he hadn't listened.

At the time, Nico had had too much hope, too much confidence, too many heroic thoughts. When he chose to save Leo Valdez's life, the end of the world began. Through the help of Kronos after so undeniably earning it, Nico must go back in time to fix his mistake, to let Leo Valdez die so all of them can live. But Kronos has his own plans and his own game, and Nico finds himself waking up to Bianca's face in the cold snow of Maine.

As the gathering of mythical worlds continues to watch Percy's life. This time more about Percy's. Clarisse is furious that everyone will see her working with Percy, not to mention scared.

Piper and Leo are tested when seeing their legendary older siblings in action. The Big Three Kids go through an ordeal as a quest to the underworld brings back parts of the past from their family, healed or not. Once again, Percy is at the center of it all playing the support and backbone for his friends and the entire world. A new voice appeared from behind them, or three voices.

Or one voice but three different outlets. Nico turned around to see a tall woman, her skin pale and hair dark. Her eyes glittered like onyx. A polecat sat on her shoulder, over her white dress. When an immortal being sends a message to Camp Half-Blood asking for Nico, Annabeth, and Percy, you know something is wrong.

The Gods Watch Nico In Tartarus Fanfiction

When that immortal being is Hecate, you know something is really wrong. The three demigods are sent back in time to fix a problem, a problem that is apparently hurting the present. With no guidance, no idea what they're doing, and no idea where or when they are, things are bound to get android contactos solo lectura little strange.

Especially when they get caught up in a large conspiracy theory with three random kids who just won't leave them alone. Hey there. This will be a bunch of unconnected ideas of mine that I am currently working on. I will only be posting fics I am currently working on, and it will only be the first chapter of each idea, no matter how many chapters I have written.

We'll see if I stick to that whole "only one chapter" thing, but that's my goal. I just wanted to get some ideas thrown out there as well as see what the reception to them would be. Thanks so much. Chat isn't who he used to be. Desperate for love from his partner he changes.

Marinette is forced to run. It's all she can think to do to escape the wrath of her partner. She finds herself in Gotham.Didn't think this would get that much attention. Here's a chapter after a long time. Naruto gingerly rubbed his ribs after Thalia plopped down next to him, accidentally jolting him from the nap he had dozed into.

Across from him sat Zoe, Annabeth, and Percy in their small, but cozy train compartment. Percy and Annabeth were heatedly arguing about something he could care less about, while Zoe's eyes were fixed on the horizon as she anxiously fingered a leather strap with a crescent moon hanging on the end of it.

Noticing his grimace of pain Thalia prodded him again. A sharp grunt escaped his lips. The eyes of everyone in the compartment fixed upon him. His lips curled lightly. Just a little sore. Zoe's eyes narrowed, before a flicker of realization flashed in her eyes. She stood up and took a step towards Naruto. Percy murmured something indecipherable in Annabeth's ear. Zoe scowled, took a step closer, and wrenched his hoodie off.

When their eyes settled on his side, Annabeth released a gasp, while Zoe's frown grew more pronounced. She kneeled down closer to his side which had changed to an angry purple color, swollen and ugly. Thalia hastily stood and took Zoe's previous seat. Zoe's hands gently prodded his ribs, causing Naruto to wince. Zoe turned angrily to Annabeth. I'll be fine in a couple days," he said with a smile. Annabeth's eyes were teared up. However," Naruto paused.

He's pledged his loyalty to Kronos, and there isn't any coming back from that. Kronos, the Deceiver, Lord of Time doesn't let his subjects escape his grasp.

He can't be redeemed. Eventually, he's going to have to die. Whether it's by my hand…" Naruto glanced at Percy, "Or another's. Thalia shook her head, but said nothing. Percy refused to meet Naruto's eyes. Naruto snorted.Oh, fanfiction! How I love you, my guilty little pleasure!

Percy And Annabeth Fight Fanfiction

It is the ultimate outlet for all of my pent-up frustration for What If? For Percy Jackson fans, the official Universe is ever-expanding; there are a plethora of opportunities to explore alternate universes or vignettes between books. Word of warning though: Fanfiction is a slippery slope into a very very deep hole. There are some great stories and then there are some absolute tropey tales.

Also, want more books like Percy Jackson? We got you. It has a great start, true to the feel of Riordan himself.

Action-packed and with a core fight scene, this is a short but sweet start to your fanfic journey. HecateA seems to specialise in one-shots; from Percy Jackson to Harry Potter, and a few other popular fandoms in between. Her stand-alones are sweet little insights into the characters, which is exactly the kind of fanfiction you want.

Percy Jackson: Truth or Dare 1

Even though this one is incomplete and possibly abandoned, what is here is enjoyable. I especially love the bringing in characters from other mythologies like Shinto and Hindu. Plus, this has a far deeper character development for Percy. This one is positively lovely. However, I will warn you now—it will break your heart. It is filled with romantic moments and all the firsts of a budding relationship.

Another story looking at the characters who fill the Percy Jackson universe; this time we are visiting Reyna and Jason, during their college years. It has the usual pairings and romance but quite a bit of fun with friends as well.

This is common in fanfiction when fans dream of their favourite characters meeting across multiple universes. I have a soft spot for Nico and placing him in Hogwarts gives him a fantastic opportunity for his better qualities to shine. Chapters are the complete story; Chapter 44 and onwards are embellishments.

On the other hand, if you want to escape all the fantasy and just dive straight into the relationships and characters, there is no better place to start than with Nico di Angelo. That boy needs some love! And yes, Will Solace is there too.

And I like a darker twist to things. No, Annabeth!! How could you?!? How could you choose Luke over Percy?!?And I am most sincerely sorry for the long time it took to update. Algebra II. That stuff. Anyways, yeah. I am glad you like it! The winds pulled at his hair and clothing, threatening to pitch him over the side of the Argo II, but the teenager just stood there, staring at the spot where, just for a moment, he had thought he'd seen Percy and Jason.

A movement caught in the corner of his eye. But as soon as he turned to look, there was nothing there. He didn't like it when people called him that; the elfish boy coward slightly.

Nico turned back to his friends, shaking off the feeling. Did he really just think that? Oh well, time enough to dwell on that later, because whether he liked it or not, Nico knew these people were his friends. A flash of lighting had him looking up.

the gods watch percy and annabeth in tartarus fanfiction

The bolt had been almost right above the ship by the time Hazel's arrow had intercepted it. His sister's and Frank's arms moved lightning-fast, Hazel's quiver refilling, and Frank taking down a Venti with every-other arrow. There was a whooshing sound, and he turned to see Piper, Hazel's Spatha raised, covered in monster dust.

We need to get undercover soon! We're being over-run! Leo sprinted from panel to panel as Annabeth wrestled with the directional controls. Nico drew his Stygian Iron sword to protect them from the furious Venti.Summary: Olivia Haynes has been sent up from Tartarus after the Titans have finished punishing her. Percy and Annabeth were like siblings to her, and now they've found her again, they're not letting her go. Olivia is now 12, and this is set in Summer A rumbling sound filled the ears of the demigods as the ground started to shake.

A hole opened up by the amphitheatre and the demigods around it moved backwards as quickly as they could to avoid falling in. The visiting Romans came out of the cabin they had built and joined the hordes of demigods streaming toward the hole.

The crowd stopped a meter away from the edge of the hole. Chiron trotted through the crowd, the Seven trailing behind him. A spire came out of the hole, standing straight up in the center. What was attached to the spire, however, made the assembled demigods feel sick.

A girl, looking to be about twelve years old, chained to the rock and covered in a red substance. The clothes she wore were more like connected rags, the holes were so large. The little modesty she had was disguised by the fact that she was coated in blood. Bright, crimson blood. The girl herself was unfamiliar to the Romans and newer campers, having disappeared two years beforehand.

If this is who I think it is…" Chiron asked softly, before making his voice louder. There will be an announcement and discussion at dinner, but for now, please continue with your preparations for July 4th. Groans echoed around the field, but the assembled demigods did as they were asked. After laying the girl in one of the beds of the Big House infirmary, the group moved up to the main room to talk around the ping pong table.

Olivia slowly came back to consciousness, and immediately registered that the pain had stopped and her wounds were healing. That in itself told her she wasn't in Tartarus anymore, as did the soft surface beneath her. The Titans had never let her heal, and had certainly never given her something soft to sleep on. All she got was the cold hard floor of the dungeons she stayed in.

The walls and ceiling she could see showed she was in an infirmary - or a hospital, but by the shade of white the walls were, she knew she was at camp.

As she sat up, an unfamiliar blond walked in, looking to be about sixteen years old. Are you feeling okay?

the gods watch percy and annabeth in tartarus fanfiction

Had it really only been a couple years? It had felt like decades, centuries even! Jason held out an arm for her to grab, and she did so. When she took her first step in years, she stumbled but Jason caught her and propped her up as they walked into the main room. At the sound of footsteps, everyone perked up and focused on the doorway when the door opened. Jason helped the girl walk up the stairs, and then into the main room before guiding her to a couch.

Immediately, Percy and Annabeth moved over to her, having seemingly recognised her. As they whispered to each other, Chiron took a closer look at her before sucking in a sharp breath.In most of the gods' opinions it was ridiculous.

Closing Olympus? Just months after the Olympians swore on the River Styx to pay more attention to their children, Zeus severs all contact with them. He should have at least opened Olympus again after news came out that Gaea was stirring and that the Giants had been awakened, everyone knows that the only way that a Giant can be destroyed is if a god and demigod works together. Each camp took it hard, the Greeks more than the Romans as they had lost more in the Titan war and were still recovering with Percy's help.

Taking Percy put Camp Half-Blood back into a depression. The gods would not be surprised if their children never trusted them again and always remained bitter towards them. But they found loopholes and they watched, especially those immediately involved. Even Zeus cheated by sending a lightning bolt to help defeat the Giant Jason had been fighting.

After Percy was done sleeping for 6 months, Poseidon watched his son as often as he could as he made his way through the Wolf House and to Camp Jupiter, proud that he was almost immediately accepted despite being a son of Neptune. Poseidon watched as his son defeated his bane: Polybotes and rose to the rank of praetor. The gods were amazed at the ingenuity the Greeks had.

Building a giant warship to fly to the Roman camp and then to Rome? It was a big task, but somehow they were able to complete it.

the gods watch percy and annabeth in tartarus fanfiction

Aphrodite and many other gods were near tears when Percy and Annabeth were reunited. They had hated seeing how depressed Annabeth had been without her "Seaweed Brain" and Percy who only had a slight memory of her because of his Achilles Curse. All the gods were horrified when Leo accidently fired on New Rome because he was possessed.

They all knew what this would mean: the Romans would use this as an excuse to go to war against the Greeks and so the seven had to get to Rome and fast so the Annabeth could recover Athena's Parthenos. Anticipation was in the air, many people on Olympus were either watching three things: the potential battle between the Roman and the Greeks, the fight between the Giants against Percy and Jason, or Annabeth retrieving Athena's Parthenos.

Nobody really had any doubts that Annabeth could do that, she was Athena's favored daughter, one of the cleverest young women you could meet.

the gods watch percy and annabeth in tartarus fanfiction

Percy and Jason finished their fight against the Giants with Bacchus' help and made their way towards Annabeth, who was, to their assumption, using flattery bring Arachne down. Athena sat on her throne as she watched her wisest daughter retrieve the Athena's Parthenos. She couldn't have been prouder, she felt a bit sad that she had even given the coin to Annabeth, but now she knew that it had been the best idea. Annabeth had used her laptop to great advantage and had that spider weave her own trap.

A plan worthy of Athena. You're a child of Athena. I respect my promises. Chinese Handcuffs, she wondered how Annabeth came up with the idea for that.

It's simple, yet effective. Athena listened to the rest of the conversation that Annabeth had with Arachne and didn't notice as all the other Olympians flashed into the Throne room because she was so absorbed in watching her daughter. She gasped with Annabeth when Arachne set her "children" on Annabeth, knowing Annabeth must be terrified, plus Arachne said that underneath her was an entrance to Tartarus.

Athena shivered at the thought of her daughter falling in there. She stopped watching when she saw Percy holding out a hand for her, she may not completely agree with their relationship, but she knew that he was entirely loyal to Annabeth and would always do his best to keep her safe.

Athena looked up and saw the rest of the Olympians besides Dionysus, Apollo, and Zeus. They were all looking at her before Hestia spoke up, "You must be proud of Annabeth, Athena. There was a flash and Athena saw that Dionysus had just flashed in, many knew that his Roman form had been the god to help defeat the Giants that Jason and Percy fought so they didn't say anything about his tardiness.

Zeus flashed in with his usual grandeur, then looked around but noticed Apollo wasn't in his seat, just when he was about to say something Apollo did flash in but interrupted his father, "Before you say anything, you need to open a one-way Iris message of Percy Jackson and Annabeth Chase. Everyone looked confused.

To their knowledge, everything had gone fine with the seven's missions but they did what they were told. At least that's somewhere we can reach.Expect OoC-ness. This is like eight years in the future. The characters are bound to have changed in some ways. Percy opened his sea-green eyes and stared toward the surface. He was in shallow water, it was only 8 feet deep, and so it wasn't too dark. Streams of light from the afternoon sun made their way under the surface; making the water that it touched warm.

For a Son of Poseidon, being underwater was as natural as breathing. And Percy took full advantage of that.

20 of the Best Percy Jackson Fanfiction Stories

Being under the sea's steady pressure was the only thing that could help him think. And that was something he didn't really get a chance to do these days. How could he think with all the responsibilities that he had gained over the years? It was a lot to handle, but he wouldn't have any other way, he had been doing it for so long now it came as easily to him as breathing underwater did.

After the war against Titans and the War against Gaea, things had settled down quite a bit. The camps continued to co-exist and Demi-Gods were still given quests to keep the monster population in check. And before he knew it, Annabeth was leaving to go live in Camp Jupiter so she could go to college and Percy was left alone to his own devices.

At first they talked often while they were apart, and then when Percy's duties kept him away, and Annabeth's classes became more demanding, they eventually decided to call it off.

They were still friends, and they talked every now and then. But it wasn't the same as before. Percy did miss Annabeth. They had made it through Tartarus together, something like that isn't just forgotten about easily, but they were at different parts of their lives, and instead of dragging it out, they ended it so they could both move on.

He thought he would be upset, but truthfully, looking back, she was his first love, but they were children. They were bound to find different paths to follow. Percy did try to date again, but it never really worked out. He was always so busy that he would end up ignoring whoever he was dating at the time. Or even, embarrassingly enough, forgetting and or being late for dates. Someone approached the edge of the water.

Percy could sense the blood flowing through the person's body. At one point he had been scared at how much his powers were growing, but now he just went with it. If a new ability showed up, he trained, controlled and harnessed it. He sighed could you even do that underwater? Jason was standing on the shore. His hands were stuffed in the pockets of his gray sweater, which meant it was probably cold. The water temperature didn't affect Percy, even in fall.

But his friends still thought he was crazy for swimming at this time of year anyway.

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