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Drafted in the 24th round of the Major League Baseball Draft out of Allegheny Collegehe progressed through the Pirates minor league system in three years.

He reached the majors on August 1,when trade-deadline moves left openings in the major league roster. He made his first appearance on August 2, After being released by the Pirates on March 31,Sharpless signed a minor league contract with the San Francisco Giants on April 10, After becoming a free agent following the season, Sharpless signed with the York Revolution of the Atlantic League for the season.

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Batted: Right. Pittsburgh Pirates — This biographical article relating to an American baseball pitcher born in the s is a stub.

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Sharpless Auctions. Catalog Terms of sale.F rom 6th through 12th grades I attended a Quaker school on the Philadelphia city line. Twice a week the entire school attended Quaker Meeting, silent gatherings except when someone received a personal call to speak.

I never got a call, but nonetheless my head was full: I thought about fishing and boats. Or else I thought about when next I could get from Philadelphia to our cottage on the New Jersey Shore in order to go out fishing in a boat.

While I had an overwhelming passion for fishing, school I merely enjoyed and I never planned to be a scientist. In fact, passion, not planning, is the engine driving all my thought and action. The almost unimaginably good fortune of my youth was that other people made such very, very good plans and choices for me. The counselors there decided, wisely, that I should attend a college rather than a large university, and I departed Philadelphia for Dartmouth College in the fall of Pre-meds majored in chemistry or biology, and between the two I leaned toward chemistry.

When I graduated Dartmouth a few years later, inthe same prof called my next move, a PhD in organic chemistry instead of medical school. He even chose the graduate school I attended and my research supervisor there. Generally speaking, colleges have the best undergraduate teaching, and universities, whose labs are filled by graduate and post-graduate students, have the best research.

When I arrived at Dartmouth College inthe chemistry department had a graduate program, which meant great teachers who were just as good at research. Thomas A. Spencer, a brand-new assistant professor of chemistry, arrived at Dartmouth when I did, and I was part of his research group for three years. Because Tom was and still is so smart and such a good chemist, he could recognize not just talent, but the potential to do something significant; because Tom was also born a great teacher, he was obliged to give a swift kick to my comfortable obliviousness.

Fishing, now in the form of working all summer on charter boats, continued as my abiding passion, which meant I continued to need a wise person to make good decisions for me.

If some variables in my adult life were changed, I might still have made it onto these pages, but it never would have happened without Tom Spencer. Since some family background and professional activities and lots more about fishing are in the Nobel lecture that follows, and since the standard biographical folderol is most easily found online at www.

I met my future wife, Jan Dueser, at a beach party at San Gregorio, west across the foothills from Stanford University. I admired her touch football form, and she entrusted me with her delicate wristwatch, which I lost in the sand.

We were married about a year-and-a-half later, on April 28,my 24th birthday, at the Palo Alto courthouse. David Schooley, a fellow chemistry grad student and now a professor at University of Nevada, Reno, was our best man. Jan and I practiced with dogs before we had children; chemists still ask about our first, the black and enormous Lionel, a regular laboratory and classroom visitor at MIT. Both of our sons are still college undergraduates.

My passion for chemistry was preceded by a passion for fishing. With no children at home any more, dogs are, once again, our companions of choice — for play, for exercise and for hanging out with in bed. But other honors have peerless characteristics as well, notably:. A friend once asked, quite appropriately, if the portrait was of Alexander the Great. The shell sits on my desk at home.

On the line from Washington, D. George said he was calling because it was announced just minutes before that I had been elected to membership in the National Academy of Sciences. Our children were too young to be left alone, especially since the meeting room was next to a swimming pool.

I was giving my talk when I saw Jan and the three children, and all of them on tiptoes, enter the room and move along the back in the semi-darkness.Please join us. We need the help of good genealogists to grow a completely free shared family tree to connect us all.

sharpless live

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NCI Director Ned Sharpless to Be Named Acting FDA Commissioner

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CRISPR genome editing gets Nobel Prize in Chemistry More and more biochemists and life scientists are winning the Nobel Prize in Chemistry 3 researchers awarded Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine for their discovery of Hepatitis C virus 3 researchers win the Nobel Prize in Physics for discoveries related to the darkest secrets of the universe Black chemists you should know about. Barry Sharpless is to play pinball.

Once his mind winds up, you never know exactly where the conversation will bounce to. Topics of discussion can jump from fishing on the Jersey shore to acetylcholinesterase inhibitors to his beloved pet mutt, Batty, in a matter of just minutes. Barry Sharpless, is a master at getting molecules to do his bidding. Read on to find out how this molecule maker went from fishing in Manasquan, New Jersey, to winning the Nobel Prize in Chemistry.

Those who know Sharpless say it sums up his uncanny ability to know how molecules will behave and how he can get them to do his bidding. Meet Priestley Medalist K. Barry Sharpless, the molecule whisperer. During a career that spans almost 50 years, this chemical intuition has earned Sharpless, who is W. Keck Professor of Chemistry at Scripps Research in California, a list of awards—including half the Nobel Prize in Chemistry —that fills two single-spaced pages on his curriculum vitae.

Although he was a pre-med major until his last semester in college, he was driven by his love of the sea and harbored thoughts of becoming the captain of a fishing boat—just like his uncle Dink, who Sharpless describes as the black sheep of the family.

Sharpless grew up in Philadelphia but spent the summers of his youth exploring the Manasquan River where it meets the New Jersey shore. His family had a cottage nearby, and he says his mother would let him roam free. As Sharpless grew older, he began to sail with his uncle Dink, catching fish on the Manasquan.

sharpless live

But he says he spent most of his time daydreaming about fishing. Sharpless began his undergraduate studies at Dartmouth College in the fall of As a freshman, he broke his leg in a skiing accident and spent the whole winter term hobbling to the library on crutches to study organic chemistry.

Related: K. Barry Sharpless named Priestley Medalist. But Sharpless never stayed at Dartmouth during the summer to do research. Contact us to opt out anytime.

sharpless live

For graduate school, Sharpless moved west to Stanford University, where he worked on cholesterol biosynthesis with Eugene E. Collman as a postdoctoral fellow.I had Republican students in my classes who said they white-knuckled their way through discussions in other classes. They never felt they could say anything. Sharpless taught American history, specializing in statistical methods, comparative demography, and exploration.

Political science was never part of his official syllabus, but sincehis classroom has been a space for safe political discussions between both left and right leaning students. I still am. He wanted that conversation to happen and people felt safe debating with him and disagreeing with him. In my experience, that is far from the case.

John had different views but nothing got volatile. It turned into a really great conversation. Two years later, he won the GOP nomination for the same seat, but lost to Tammy Baldwin in the general election by about 9, votes. Sharpless has travelled around the world, learning firsthand about the communities in Papua New Guinea and Argentina.

But his political campaign in Wisconsin may have had a greater impact on him. But I had to be nice to everyone when I ran for office, going up to people, shaking their hands and asking them how their day was.

It stuck with me. It got me out of my own bubble and turned me into an outward-looking person. Skip to main content. Pat Fry. Back to Search Results. All rights reserved.

20th Century Fox TV Taps Dana Sharpless & Steve Sicherman To Lead Current Programming

Madison, Wisconsin USA.Not long after leaving, Johns suggested to Sharpless, whose erratic and combative behavior had led Green to ask that they leave, that she was not sober enough to drive; in response Sharpless pulled over and told Johns to get out, which she did. Sharpless has not been seen since then. An early theory, that she might have accidentally driven her car into the nearby Schuylkill Riverwas discarded when searches of the river were fruitless.

An apparent break in the case came two weeks later when an automatic license plate reader recorded her Pontiac Grand Prix 's plates among parked vehicles in Camden, New Jerseyacross the Delaware River from Philadelphia. There had been other reported sightings of Sharpless in Camden, but police there were unable to locate the vehicle or find any information about where it had been found.

The writer did not personally know of any details about what had happened to Sharpless but included in his letter the number of her cell phone, missing along with her, and the last five digits of the car's vehicle identification numberinformation that had not been made public. Both were correct. Police dismissed the letter as a hoax despite the details, but Law, whose theory is that Sharpless is alive and being held captive by human traffickersbelieves it was genuine and continues to investigate.

Inthe Investigation Discovery channel's series Disappeared devoted an episode to the case. Toni Sharpless, a native of the Philadelphia suburb of Downingtown, Pennsylvaniawas born in Her father died in an accident when she was six; her mother Donna soon after remarried Peter Knebel, who raised Toni and her sister Candy as his own daughters.

In her late teens Toni had a daughter of her own. Sharpless's childhood and young adulthood were marked by her struggles with bipolar disordera condition only diagnosed in her adulthood. She and her family kept that information to themselves, and even after learning she was bipolar the difficulties caused by the disorder persisted as doctors tried different combinations of different medications to control it.

Her condition had also led to problems with drug and alcohol abuse.

Brian Shaffer: Revisited /// Part 2 /// 291

After that she found a drug combination that seemed to work and that was contraindicated for alcohol consumption; she did not always take them, however. On weekends during the s, Sharpless worked as a nursing assistant at a local rehabilitation center, living with her daughter and parents in West Brandywine Township.

Leaving the “liberal bubble”

The money she earned from that job went to pay her tuition at Brandywine School of Nursing. After earning her degree inSharpless took a job in the infectious disease ward at Lancaster General Hospital. After she left, Peter Knebel expressed his reservations about the outing to his wife. Sharpless and Johns had only recently renewed their friendship after becoming estranged from each other a decade earlier; Knebel believed that the evening trip to the city had been Johns' idea and that his stepdaughter, who typically devoted her free time to her own daughter and rarely went to nightclubs or bars, or into Philadelphia at all, only went because Johns had persuaded her to.

The two women left in Sharpless's car, a black Pontiac Grand Prix sedan. From there they went to a party at the home of Willie Greena professional basketball player with the NBA 's Philadelphia 76ersin Penn Valleya neighborhood in Lower Merion Townshipone of the city's affluent Main Line suburbs.

Accounts differ as to whether Johns, who was reportedly friends with Green's brother, had been invited there before she and Sharpless left for the evening or whether Green met the two at G Lounge and invited them back to his house.

At Green's, Sharpless and Johns began drinking along with other guests at what has been characterized as more of a small gathering than a party. The group was playing the board game Tabooduring which Sharpless reportedly made a remark to Johns that Green took as including an ethnic sluralthough it was not intended that way.

Green made it known that he was offended, and Sharpless, who already felt that other guests were ridiculing her, became angry and erratic. Green went to Johns, who had retreated to the house's swimming pool, and told her that it was time for her and Sharpless to go home. As the pair gathered their possessions and left the house, Johns, aware that she had had less to drink, attempted to take the car keys, but Sharpless immediately took them back.

She was still angry and crying, accusing Johns of also making fun of her.

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