Mordhau engineer build

Toolbox in Mordhau is an incredibly useful item. With it, you can build a wooden castle and a mini-ballista. Toolbox can be purchased for your own character, but it's also available for already-made warrior named Engineer - so it's worth checking out this character if this item fits your style of play.

On this page you will learn all the most important information about Toolbox. Here you will learn how to use Toolboxhow to speed up construction and how to build ballista and other fortifications. This item is very useful on the battlefield, and can change the course of the battle. So, let's learn the basic information about the described item:. As mentioned above, with Toolbox you can build three different objects.

Each of them works in a different situation, as well as has different statistics - durability or production time. Below you will find detailed information about all the fortifications.

The Wooden Walls are great for blocking narrow passages, or covering archers.

Top 10 Weapons In Mordhau!

Thanks to these objects, it is easy to block, for example, the gate and thus make it harder for your enemies to pass through. Wooden Wall automatically builds within 20 seconds, costs 1 Toolbox resource and has durability points.

Wooden Spikes works the same way as above Wooden Walls, but in addition to blocking access, it also deals damage but it has lower durability - each touch of the spikes causes a slight health decrease of the opponent.

Wooden Spikes are built automatically within 20 seconds, cost 1 Toolbox resource, and have durability points. The latter object is certainly different from the above. Mounted Crossbow is a mini-ballista that allows you to cause almost damage per hit - and one ballista has 5 rounds.

It's usually well-established on the walls, where from a height you can fire at enemies, but in the open areas it also can be quite useful. Mounted Crossbow is automatically built within 10 seconds, costs 6 Toolbox resources and has 50 durability points. Above, you will find building process times of every object. It is worth knowing that the construction sqlite syntax checker can be accelerated.

For this purpose, you can use two items - Wooden Mallet costs gold or Blacksmith Hammer costs gold. These hammers may enhance the construction speed use hammer swings to do so - simply use the hammer on the constructed object Blacksmith Hammer is a bit faster. It is also worth knowing that with the help of hammers, you can not only build, but also repair objects that will receive damage during the battle. Construction of Mounted Crossbow is not so obvious. The cost of creating Mounted Crossbow is 6 Toolbox resources, and after starting the game or reviving a character, your Toolbox will only have 3 resources.

You have to get to the ammo box and use it. Only then, after refilling the resources to maximum, you will be able to build Mounted Crossbow. All logos and images are copyrighted by their respective owners.Mordhau features a lot of choices when it comes to builds and character loadouts for your class. The basic playstyle of this build is that you use your Short Spear range to your advantage. Once in range, stab the enemy and quickly move out to not take any damage or simply block with your shield.

Gain some distance and charge at them again with a stab, keep poking until the enemy is dead. In the event more than one player attacks you, make sure to utilize the shield as its excellent for blocking attacks.

The only Perk this loadout uses is Second Wind. Second Wind is a great Perk that gives you bonus stamina every time you land a shot which synergizes incredibly with the Short Spear. This build excels in situations where you might find yourself on the frontline a lot such as Skirmish. Since this one has no leg armor, your attack and block timing is going to have to be perfect in order to make this loadout work.

The awesome thing about this build is that you can one-shot most players. As for the boot slot, you need to leave it empty if you intend to use a Perk which you definitely should.

The offensive Mordhau beginner build uses Bloodlust as the main Perk. Sign in. Log into your account. Privacy Policy. Password recovery. Forgot your password? Get help. Teamfight Tactics Best Mystic Build. Teamfight Tactics Best Celestial Build. All Build Guides Builds League. Best Path of Exile Delirium 3.

June 5, Weapon As mentioned previously, use the Short Spear. Shield Heater Shield is best suited for this Mordhau beginner loadout. Perks The only Perk this loadout uses is Second Wind.Coming up with your own Mordhau builds is a daunting task and your distinct playstyle might only emerge after a number of hours of play. The best way to dip your toe in the bloody trenches of Mordhau is to pick a Mercenary with which to fight.

With a limited number of points you can choose from a range of weapons, armour, and perks, which holds the possibility for a dizzying number of different combinations. These points are used up by the perks, armour, and weapons available, although some are unlocked with gold or only accessible at a certain character level. A smattering, however, are already available at the beginning, so you can get creative right away. Weapons and perks cost different amounts of points, too.

For instance, the Dagger and the Short Sword cost one point each, whereas larger death-doers like the Longbow will set you back For the latter, that only leaves you with five points to spare on your armour and perks, so make sure to pick carefully by building your character around a certain skill or weapon. Speaking of Bloodlust 5this is an incredibly useful perk. Since you gain all your health back on a successful melee kill, this is an ability that rewards you for taking the fight to your opposition on the front line.

Elsewhere in this Vampire build created by The Real Franhe goes with an armour set up that costs 2, 3, and 2 perks points for his helmet, torso, and leg protection, respectively, with the Rapier 4 as his primary weapon. The relatively-quick attack speed of this light weapon makes it great for getting in and out of fights with some quick stabs.

mordhau engineer build

This Mordhau build from Gatling Gigz is all about speed and agility, but without sacrificing its defensive capabilities. Naturally, light armour complements this setup well. This custom class is all about mobility, so avoid getting bogged down in staid face-to-face exchanges. The stock Engineer class is a strong pick, but there are a few ways to improve this role.

This thankless task goes to this Tank-focused Mordhau build. Then, spend the remainder of your points on a hefty shield for maximum protection. The key to this loadout is to deal some quick damage, be as nimble as possible, and grab yourself as much loot as you can to turn the tide of battle in your favour.

Stop yourself from dealing too much damage to your own side with Friendly 1 and barrage choke points with a Fire Bombs 1 and Throwing Knives 2. Use your remaining points on medium armour, but nothing too heavy that restricts your movement.

And there you are, a decent selection of Mordhau builds to get you started in the gory world of custom medieval soldiering. Network N earns commission from qualifying purchases via Amazon Associates and other programs.

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mordhau engineer build

Battles in Mordhau are often swayed by manipulating the makeup of the battleground itself, and none are better at controlling that makeup than siege engineers. Of the three, the Wooden Mallet and Blacksmith Hammer are more newbie-friendly since you can only use them to manipulate pre-defined elements of the battlefield.

mordhau engineer build

These icons indicate that the object can be manipulated by hitting it with a Wooden Mallet or Blacksmith Hammer. Hitting doors and barricades reinforces them and repairs any previously sustained damage.

Smacking piles of lumber transforms them into entirely new assets like spike traps which can stop enemy cavalry. The Wooden Mallet costs one gear point to equip when building a custom mercenary class while the Blacksmith Hammer costs two.

Unlike the Wooden Mallet and Blacksmith Hammer, the Toolbox requires a little more investment to use since it requires a total of eight gear points. The Toolbox also operates under a limited resupply mechanic. When you initially spawn in, your Toolbox has three supplies in it.

You can use the Toolbox to build three different structure types, each of which costs varying amounts of supplies. If you attempt to build additional assets beyond your maximum limit your oldest structure will be automatically destroyed to accommodate the new placement.

Mordhau Engineer Build

Wooden Spikes are the cheapest structure you can build, requiring only one Toolbox supply. However, they also have low durability and can inadvertently damage careless teammates. Wooden Walls also cost one Toolbox supply, and they have higher durability than Wooden Spikes.

You can also stab a spear or other long weapon through that window as well if your enemies are bearing down on your constructed barricades. Finally, the Mounted Crossbow requires six Toolbox supplies which means you have to find a resupply box before you can build one. Each Mounted Crossbow can fire a total of five bolts, and each bolt deals enough damage to be a virtually guaranteed one-hit-kill if it connects. The downside is that Mounted Crossbows also have restrictive turning angles and low durability, so you have to be careful about where you place them.

Once a Mounted Crossbow is built, any friendly player can use it. If you prefer aiding your allies in more of a behind-the-scenes supportive role while they engage in the frantic melees, though, siege engineering is an art well worth mastering. View the discussion thread. Video Game Reviews.You don't have to strap on your heaviest armor and grab a Zweihander to contribute in Mordhau 's Frontlines mode. You can also help your team by taking on a support role as you can build structures and ballistas to help them win the day.

The ballista, or mounted crossbow, is one of the most powerful structures you can put together, but it will significantly limit your mobility. It will also make you a prime target for enemies.

This siege weapon will pump out massive bolts, dealing huge damage from a safe distance. In order to build a ballista, you will need to set up a few things before entering a game, and find some items on the map.

Here's how you do it. In order to even give yourself a chance to build structures, you'll need to have a class with access to a Toolbox. You can either get this item by choosing an Engineer default class, or by creating your own class equipped with the Toolbox.

The Toolbox is a two-handed weapon, and it will cost eight equipment points to put into your loadout — half of your available points. Your account also has to be Level 2 or higher in order to equip the item. Once you have started the game as your Toolbox-equipped class, you still have a little more work to do before you can build your ballista.

You need to find an ammo supply box — the ballista will cost six charges of your toolbox to build, which is more than you begin with. Once you've found the ammo supply box, you'll have enough charges in your toolbox to build a ballista and start firing away. The default key to switch what structure you want to build is "R," the same key you would use to switch between weapon modes.

Find a flat piece of ground and build your new arrow cannon! There are a few perks and items you can also equip to make your ballista-building round go smoother. The Blacksmith's Hammer and the Smith perk will both help your items build quicker and make your engineer the most feared fighter on the battlefield. Wondering how to get more gold and XP in Mordhau?

MORDHAU - How to Build a Ballista

We have a guide for that. Wondering what we think of the game itself? Head over to our review. How to Build a Ballista in Mordhau. Jordan Baranowski Contributor. Published May. More Mordhau Content. Mordhau Game Page. Mordhau Articles.Besides just mounting cavalry, you can also use siege structures to help tip the balance of combat in your favor.

You may have come across ballista scattered across frontline and battle royale maps. These static cross-bow structures are the equivalent to a medieval machine-gun. Essentially, they launch a large bolt across a great distance. Any enemy struck will be killed instantly, but they do require plenty of accuracies to use. Ballistas can be built if you have the right tools. Specifically, to build a ballista you will need to equip the toolbox in your loadout before entering a match.

This will allow you to build defensive structures, which include barricades, spikes, and Ballistas. That should be everything you need to know about how to build a ballista in Mordhau. For more useful tips and guides on the game, be sure to search Twinfinite. Connect with us. Continue Reading. Related Topics: Ballistahow to buildmordhau. Mordhau: How to Farm Gold Quickly.

Mordhau: How to Build Ballista

Mordhau: How to Unlock Secret Achievement. Mordhau: How to Change Weapon Skins. To Top.One of my favourite things about multiplayer melee game Mordhau is its character creator. Rather than push you towards a set playstyle, it gives you a bunch of points to spend how you please, shared between armor, perks, weapons and consumables.

Forget the sword and board. Check out our Mordhau tips for more general advice on mastering the medieval combat. Take your Mordhau mercenary skills to the next level with our tier list. Or, if you really want to be a jerk, learn how to play Mordhau like a right bastard. You can also read our general tips if you need some help staying alive during the melee. The default engineer class bores me.

Carrying the toolbox lets you build spikes and wooden walls but limits your firepower. If you ditch it you can free up points for weapons and armor while keeping the Blacksmith Hammer to construct defences around control points. Your armor and Greatsword make you a strong brawler, and you can switch between whacking on walls and lopping off heads whenever enemies get close. The Smith perk lets you build defences faster than usual, and you can repair a wall more quickly than a group of attackers can break it down, cancelling them out see clip above.

Your team can then flood through the gap. Quick, nimble, and able to smash skulls in one swing, this build is perfect for zipping around enemy backlines, picking off archers and other stragglers. Nearby enemies will spot you if you miss, so make sure you have an escape route planned out. Remember that enemies get a speed boost if they chase you and keep their cursor on your body—try to play around buildings or other objects that will break line of sight. Use your smoke bombs in sticky spots to slip away undetected.

With this build you can both hang out at mid-range hitting headshots and push forward into the front lines to support your teammates. If enemies are holding strong in a choke point, pull out your bow and thin them out. In more open fights, you can walk around with your sword out to fool the enemy team. When an opponent comes sprinting towards you, quickly swap to your bow to soften them up.

Pile on the pounds in the character creator and pick a scary helmet. A cheap tactic, maybe, but we all know that chivalry is dead. When you see one you want, throw down your first medic bag and pick up the weapon.

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