Free shipping trumpet creeper trumpet vine campsis radicans

Sign In Create Account. Toggle navigation. Home NEW! A trumpet vine that blooms from late spring through fall, abundant clusters of large, striking orange-red trumpet-shape flowers will have the hummingbirds flocking to your gardens all season long! Balboa Sunset Trumpet Vine is a very fast growing, ever-blooming Campsis radicans that will quickly cover a sturdy fence, rail, pole, arbor or other structure.

Get all the details below! Questions about this item? Aw shucks! We're temporarily sold out Let me know when it's back in stock! Discontinued Item We have left this page here as a resource. Put me on the Waiting List. Quantity Pricing. Balboa Sunset Trumpet Vine. Plant Details. It will also climb the branches of large trees without doing any damage to the tree itself. A flowering vine that thrives and blooms profusely with little to no maintenance or care.

Growing vigorously up to 40 feet in height, the Balboa Sunset Trumpet Vine is not a plant for the mailbox. It requires larger structures that can support the length of the vine such as an arbor, pergola, tall pole, fence or deck rails.

The vine will also grow up and through the branches of small trees without doing any harm to the tree itself. Can also be used as a groundcover. A fine addition to hummingbird gardens and red or orange theme gardens. Growing Preferences. The Balboa Sunset Trumpet Vine is exceptionally easy to grow in a wide range of well-drained soils in full sun to part shade. Flowering will be heavier with more sun. After quickly establishing itself, it is exceptionally drought and heat tolerant and has few if any insect or disease problems.Sign In Create Account.

Toggle navigation. Trumpet Creeper Vines, Campsis, are fast-growing flowering vines you can use to quickly climb and cover fences, trellises, arbors, pergolas and other structures. They produce abundant clusters of flowers that attract hummingbirds as good if not better than any other flowering vines.

Rest assured, when you buy trumpet vines for sale online from Wilson Bros Gardens we safely ship the highest quality container-grown specimens that are ready upon arrival to plant and thrive for years to come in your gardens - Guaranteed! Click on a picture below to get all the details, sizes, and prices [3].

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free shipping trumpet creeper trumpet vine campsis radicans

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free shipping trumpet creeper trumpet vine campsis radicans

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Contact Us!Campsis radicans — Bare root plants are available with free shipping. A hardy vine capable of growing in almost every American region zonestrumpet vine is characterized by its colorful trumpet-shaped flowers that can attract swarms of hummingbirds to the garden in summer and early fall. Also known as trumpet creeper, hummingbird vine or campsis radicans, this deciduous climbing vine has dense, dark green leaves which are ideal for adding privacy along a fence or trellis.

Some people compare this vine to kudzu, which is unfortunate as the trumpet vine is far lovelier. While a fair amount of maintenance is needed to keep this vine under control, the gardener is rewarded for their hard work with large red, orange and yellow blooms.

These blooms resemble small trumpets, giving the plant its musical name. The trumpet vine is quite a survivor. It can withstand the brutal winters of the Northeast and Midwest, as well as the harsh summers of the American South. If regularly watered this plant can even grow in desert landscapes, adding necessary shade to dry regions. Trumpet creeper actually plays an important role in the garden. When its flowers are in bloom they attract bees who return the favor by helping to pollinate the entire yard.

The bright colors also attract butterflies and an observant gardener may even catch a hummingbird or two darting between the flowers. Additionally, due to its large size this plant is often used for privacy. It needs to grow vertically, making it the perfect plant to provide additional cover against a fence or garden arbor. In this way an ugly chain-link fence can be transformed into an attractive wall of foliage.

Of course the fence will need to be strong enough to support such a large and heavy vine. Sturdy wooden or metal fences work best, but the plant can also grow against stone. Make sure the area where you plant the vine is accessible because it will need regular pruning. This plant also makes for an effective ground cover in spots where erosion control is needed. For most people this is the biggest question when it comes to this plant.

How do you grow the vine in such a way that it stays under control? Professional gardeners recommend that the best place for a trumpet vine is in a large planter. This keeps the root system under control so that it cannot send runners across the yard. The vine can be started as a bare root or as a transplant and will grow in full sun or shade, however it is most likely to bloom in full sun.

It will take about 3 to 4 years for the vine to mature. Make sure you give the young vine a climbing area. A trellis rooted in the large planter holding the vine should be fine. Never plant trumpet vine against your house or any other outbuildings, as this is a very strong vine. If you make the mistake of planting it against your house the runners will dig into your walls, potentially causing structural damage.

Using a trellis makes a good alternative, protecting your house and keeping your plant happy. Keep the plant from reproducing by picking up any seed pods that fall on the ground. This is one of those plants that gardeners either love or hate. However, if the plant is trimmed regularly during the growing season it makes for a spectacular ornamental piece.

The time for trimming and pruning is in spring and fall, since this is when the vine starts sprouting. This is easiest to do if the vine is growing in its own planter.It is native to the southeastern U. In nature, it can be found in swamps, forests, and thickets. Trumpet vine is also commonly known as cow-itch vine because some people experience skin redness and itching after coming in contact with the leaves. It is easily grown in a wide variety of soils. It is best planted in lean-to average soils with regular moisture in full sun to part shade.

Foliage grows well in shade, but plants need good sun for best flowering.

Balboa Sunset Trumpet Vine (Campsis radicans) - 5 Gallon Pot

It blooms on new growth, so early spring pruning will not affect the flowering. Vines must be grown on sturdy structures because mature plants produce considerable weight. The problem with species plants Campsis radicans is usually not how to grow them but how to restrain them, in large part because they sucker profusely from underground runners and freely self-seed, often forming impenetrable colonies in the wild which can choke out many plants that get in their way.

To keep it in check, plant it near concrete or an area that you can mow; mowing down the suckers will discourage them. Campsis grandiflora. Campsis x tagliabuana. Gelsemium sempervirens.

Trumpet Creeper: Cautions

Lonicera sempervirens. Vitis rotundifolia. Tweet this Page Share on Facebook. Diseases, Insects, and Other Plant Problems: No serious insect or disease problems, although the species is a very aggressive spreader. White-tailed deer and rabbits eat the foliage. Width: 4 ft. Its flowers are very attractive to hummingbirds. Each leaf has 7 to 11 elliptic to oblong leaflets to 4" long with serrated margins.

The leaves turn yellow in the fall. Contact with the sap can cause minor skin irritation with redness and swelling usually lasting for a few minutes.A vigorous North American native, Campsis radicans Trumpet Vine is a self-clinging woody climber with particularly showy trumpet-shaped flowers, 3 in. Appearing throughout the summer, these magnificent tubular flowers are borne in clusters at the ends of the branches and provide a long-lasting and spectacular floral display.

Hummingbirds love them and never fail visiting them. The blooms are followed by attractive bean-like seedpods.

The foliage of pinnate, shiny, dark green leaves above and glabrous dull green below, is deciduous.

Campsis radicans (Trumpet Vine)

Climbing or scrambling over everything in its path by aerial rootlets, which can damage wood, stone, and brick like English IvyCampsis radicans is however useful for erosion control. Often cultivated for its attractive, glowing flowers, this vine is widely grown in Mediterranean gardens. Make sure you keep it under tight control as it has an aggressive colonizing tendency. Not sure which Campsis - Trumpet Vines to pick?

free shipping trumpet creeper trumpet vine campsis radicans

Compare All Campsis - Trumpet Vines. Buy Campsis radicans Trumpet Vine. Guides with Campsis - Trumpet Vines. While every effort has been made to describe these plants accurately, please keep in mind that height, bloom time, and color may differ in various climates.

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Trumpet Vines | Campsis

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Alphabetical Plant Listing. View or Create Collections. Blooming from early to late summerthis extremely floriferous Trumpet Vine is heatcold and drought tolerant. Thrives in lean to averagemoistwell-drained soilsin full sun or part shade. Tolerates however a wide variety of soils. Best flower production is obtained in full sun.

Hardy and easy to grow, this Trumpet Vine is incredibly free-flowering and can quickly grow up to ft. It suckers profusely from underground runners and freely self-seeds, often forming dense colonies in the wild. No serious insect or disease problems. Excellent choice for trelliseswallsfences or arbors. This vine blooms on new growth and should be pruned in late winter or early spring.

Cut back branches to within three to four buds. This will encourage a more compact growth and promote the formation of flower buds in the shortened shoots.

Overcrowded, diseased or damaged shoots can be removed at the same time. Alternative Plants to Consider. Campsis radicans f. Recommended Companion Plants.Less than 4 emails per year. Continue shopping. Go Great Plants, Free Shipping. Javascript must be enabled for best use of this site. Cookies must be enabled for best use of this site. Campsis Trumpet Creeper Example of approximately what these plants look like when shipped. See the eighth photograph of any plant to see a photo of what it looks like when shipped.

The reason gardeners adore this plant is because of the clusters of flaming yellow to red trumpet-like flowers that cover this perennial in summer and continue blooming until early autumn. The flowers are heavenly and will attract hordes of hummingbirds. The deep emerald deciduous foliage quickly covers fences, walls and even climbs trees, making it perfect for use in woodland gardens and natural areas. Twining or prostrate habit, will climb '. Your privacy is important to us, we will not send you any unnecessary email.

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