Dragon city breeding times

Where you can build a powerful Dragon City by raising and training your own dragons for battle. All that you have to do is collect gems, feed your dragons, breed your dragons, train it and go for battle. You would enjoy and master up bringing the dragons. Breeding is a part of the gameplay, where you have to buy the dragon eggs and grow. At level 4 your dragons would be ready for breeding process. For which you have to build a breeding mountain or breeding tree, where you can mate dragons to get better dragons and progress through the hierarchy.

Below sample table gives you an idea on what all the Dragons you would get by mating the Basic Dragons in Generation 1. Like such this goes for Generation 2, 3, 4 and 5. Apart from this the players would also get other special promotional dragons even without Breeding. Which is based on the levels reached and they can use the gems they have collected to do the same.

Also the other thing to be noted here is for each an every mating, breeding and hatching it would take time based on the types of dragons and levels. For every draw in the spell game it would take around 6 hours to get cooldown, however you can overcome or minimize this waiting time through paying gems. But still for the every free draw you make, your chance of getting top prize would also be minimized. Skip to content. Home Contact. Breeding Dragons Breeding is a part of the gameplay, where you have to buy the dragon eggs and grow.

Generation 4 is for Pure Dragons. Finally Generation 5 is for Pure Element Dragons. Create your website at WordPress. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Cookie Policy.Dragon city is free to play multiplayer mobile game available on both Android and iOS devices.

It was first launched on May 8,on the Facebook social media platform. It a popular gaming title developed by Social Point and currently has more than million users worldwide according to official statistics. They are also the publisher of various other gaming titles like Monster Legends, world chef, etc. As the name sounds is a competitive 3-on-3 multiplayer game centred around dragons and their breeding.

Currently, it has more than million downloads on Google play store with 4. It also has millions of users and has received 4.

dragon city breeding times

According to sensortowerthis game is generating revenue of 1 million USD per day. Within the game, you will get your own floating islands where you will have to farm for food, build up defences to defend your city and collect all sorts of dragon eggs.

You as a player will get access to all kind of in-game training, tools and upgrades to become a true Master. You will start your journey as a trainer, and in your journey, you will get the opportunity to fight with millions of other players. In order to achieve the Master title, you will first have to collect all sorts of eggs in various categories.

Then you will need to feed your pet dragons and evolve them to higher levels. If you want, you can breed them to create a new, more advanced and epic battle dragons. Remember that in this game you can breed almost different types of dragons. There are also dozens of eggs to collect and evolve. If you want to evolve your pets to higher levels, then you will also have to farm and harvest resources on your islands.

Then if you want your pets to grow faster than you will have to fight with other gamers in order to loot their resources. Now as a player you obviously can speed up things if you have thousands of bucks to spend on in-game purchases. The basic starter tutorial is given when a player starts the game for the first time. If you are a new player or starting from scratch, then your first mission is to feed and evolve your dragon to at least level 4.

Once you have achieved that level, your next task is to build up a breeding ground where your dragons can lay their eggs. It takes time to lay eggs and then its a game of patience. It can take from a few hours to weeks for babies to hatch from their eggshells.

dragon city breeding times

Remember that breeding is a game of patience and a bit of luck. Developer, Social Point uses some sort of algorithms which sometimes make its hard for players to breed dragons they want for themselves.

This might be a bit annoying, but it also increases the difficulty level and thus fun and competition. In this guide, I have tried to create easy to understand tables to help you breed various types of dragons like legendary, pure, electric, etc. Each table will have the information related to only one specific category of the breed. The only way to get pure is by breeding any of the legendary. Now you must remember that you need to have at least 15 million gold because this is the amount you need to spend to evolve your pure dragon from hatchling to the adult.

Furthermore, offspring is guaranteed. It means that if you breed pure with fire for the sake of examplethen you will definitely get Pure Flame. The same applies to every other type. Now getting pure or hybrid dragon is by themselves way too hard.

I have been playing this game since and I will able to get my first pure in mid just to make it clear, I am not an avid player. You should note that the possibility of getting legendary is 1 out of 6 trials. The breeding time is two days and six6 hours, and please check the example below:. In order to get War type, you will need breed War with any of the other type dragons except the sea.

There are few other possible combinations but the possibility of getting them is quite hard, and so I have not listed them.During these challenging times, we guarantee we will work tirelessly to support you. We will continue to give you accurate and timely information throughout the crisis, and we will deliver on our mission — to help everyone in the world learn how to do anything — no matter what.

Thank you to our community and to all of our readers who are working to aid others in this time of crisis, and to all of those who are making personal sacrifices for the good of their communities. We will get through this together. A heroic is the strongest type of dragon in Dragon City. They are very hard to get. Getting a heroic takes a lot of time and effort, but with a few techniques, you can end up getting ahead of all the other players in the race and winning this extremely strong type of dragon.

Wildfire Dragon

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Related Articles. Open up Dragon City on your device. It can be on either Facebook or iOS. Join an alliance. To join an alliance, click social. Get the name of the alliance you want to join and request to join it. Joining a strong alliance will help you get far in the heroic race.

You can also get advice from other members of the alliance. Go to the island with a race track and a dragon in the middle. If it is not there, then the event still did not start. Usually at the side of your screen, there will be an announcement for the heroic race coming soon. There will be a button which says More Info. You will be grouped with seven other people.

If you're lucky, they won't put much effort into the race, leaving you to win, even if you don't get far in the laps. But you still must reach the required lap or you will not get the heroic.Get the heroic dragon garanteed delivered after the race by winning or reaching lap 15 or higher.

In the heroic race, the pool is the maximum number of items available to collect at the very start of the mission.

High Reborn Heroic Race Guide

The pool always starts off full Once you start emptying the pool, new items will fill the pool according to the wait time You cannot collect any items if the pool is empty - you will have to wait for the pool to fill back up the pool must have at least one item in it to collect. Wait time is the amount of time required for a new item to be added to the pool.

This only matters when the pool is not big enough to complete the mission in one go. BUT it will reset that cooldown everytime you collect an item! So start any timers only after depleting the pool completely. The best way to collect gold is by having more habitats. Each time you collect gold you have a chance to collect an item! You also have a higher chance to collect gold when your habbitat is full of gold. This is visibile when the gold icon is no longer see-through.

Collecting gold is one of the easiest items to collect for the Heroic Race. Another way to quickly increase the amount of gold you can collect is to power up your dragons You can save your powerups for the tasks in the heroic race that require you to power up dragons. Your rarest dragons usually will pay the most gold per minute.

You can also try and focus on habitats like Terra habitats which get full quicker, but its not always the best stratergy, because its not great once the heroic race ends! The best way to collect food is by buying the cheapest option over and over again.

Each time you collect food you have a chance to collect an item, so buy the 50 gold option in every food farm and do it fastest! You have a higher chance to get items the more food purchased but the bigger foods takes much longer to grow and claim.

Thats why its advised to always use the 50 gold option called "Backyard Garderner". If you still really want to grow large food options, then maybe consider buying 1 very expensive food option, that takes 9, 12 or 24 hours.

Meanwhile you can use every other farm to cycle the 50 gold food collection. It may take many tries, and failed attempts, but its the quickest way to get multiple items. For each item, expect to breed up to times.

The alternative is to use the slower way with long breeds to garantee an item, but other players might overtake you while you do this. If you manage to unlock all of the breeding buildings, and all slots on the hatchery, place them all near each other this will be near the second island due to the breeding sanctuary. Again, it will take many trys, and failed attempts, but its the quickest way to get multiple items.

For each item, expect to hatch up to times. Otherwise the slower way is to use other long eggs to garantee an item, but other players might overtake you. Try to unlock the 3 available breeding areas AND upgraded hatchery 5 eggs at once when they become availble. The best way to feed dragons is to use the Terra dragons you hatched in the previous missions. But if you didnt use this tactic, then another option is to power up other dragons that are aleardy on low level.

I find powering up level 1 dragons to level 6 takes little food, but can give items. One thing I do outside of Heroic Races is leave all my newly aquired dragons at level 1 - and only power up dragons when the Heroic Race is on. This is a great way to complete the task, because these dragons needed powering up anyway. The best way to battle dragons is to set yourself a timer reminding you when the next battle is.

Use the information above to see which battle will take the longest. A popular tactic is to use your free spin when you have the longest battle to compelte. Using the free spin garantees at least 1 task will be auto-completed, doing this against the longest battle saves the most time and is most efficient.

The Temporary Quest battle items are the least frequent task in the early stages of the Heroic Race.Here is a brief combination guide on breeding dragons in Dragon City. Find out the different cute little dragons you can get. Get the Terra Combinations Image. Get the Flame Combinations Image. Get the Sea Dragon Combinations Image. You cannot breed Electric and Nature directly to get Gummy Dragon. Get the Nature Dragon Combinations Image.

Get the Electric Dragon Combinations Image. Get the Ice Dragon Combinations Image. Get the Metal Dragon Combinations Image. Get the Dark Dragon Combinations Image. There are also other combinations. Any War hybrid and Sea hybrid will also yield the same result. Poo is no longer a rare hybrid and is actually an exclusive dragon. These dragons are extremely powerful and useful in dragon city battles. For example:. Breeding Pure Dragons These can be breed using any of the 4 legendary dragons.

You can mix the similar ones as well. Either of these combos are good:. This is the newest group that is released by Social Point. People were complaining they could not complete their dragon collection. Please note that you must breed the dragons with the level requirements for a chance to get the them. Use any Legendary Droconos, Wind, Nirobi, Legendary, Mirror or Crystal and a rare hybrid with the required levels to obtain exclusives.

Get the Light Dragon Combinations Image.

dragon city breeding times

War Dragon cannot be breed directly with Sea. There are also other combinations, but these are the easiest ones to get. Good luck with breeding! If you need any help, feel free to let me know by commenting below!This will give you the pure elemental dragons. Breeding time is now the same as the hatching time of the new baby dragon.

Breeding Alpine and Flaming Rock takes 5 seconds when the outcome is a Terra Dragon with a 5 second hatching time, and 2 days when the outcome is a. I'm not sure yet, I'll let you know in 2 days lol. Hatching times have changed and so this guide won't help very much on that.

If you bread this and that together and the hatching time is blabla hours, wait that many hours and find out yourself instead of wasting space asking on here. The combinations to get the rare dragons do get the rare dragons listed, it just might take you ten tries before you get the one you want though.

For example, I bread Laser and Dandelion 7 times. I got 5 ugly gummies, 1 awesome coolfire, 1 useless fire dragon, and 0 Soccer Dragons. Hope this helps, Good Luck. I got all of them in just one try. They do work just take many tries and swapping first to second position in breed sequence. I have been trying for weeks to get Poo. Any sure fire way of getting him?

Not bad for 4 hours breeding and 4 hours hatching. Any better suggestions? Also your site Kicks ss.

dragon city breeding times

Thanks for all your help. However any combination that includes terra, sea, and dark will have a chance to turn to poo. Hey Christheres no sure fire shot at Poo, He has got to be the hardest dragon to obtain through breeding all i can suggest is to keep at the 4hr breeding combinations, maybe mix them up a little. Good Luck. How Do You even Start off getting a Pure earth dragon and the other's??

Get started with Cool Fire and Cool Fire until you get a couple of legendaries, then breed from there. Its a Vampire dragon Im having the same problem trying to get a Pure Dark.Dragon City has become the most popular and engaging game in the mobile world. Many players find it difficult to breed and understand the dragon at first instance. However, once you know the rules and tips of breeding the dragon no one will be able to stop you.

The Dragon City Breeding calculator also plays a major role as it will suggest you the best dragon combination depending on your like and interest in the dragon. Dragon breeding is nothing but the process of mating two dragons to produce an egg that becomes the child dragon which contains the genes of both the parent dragons. When you mate normal dragons the child will be born without any skills and it helps you win the war. Mating legendary dragons with exceptional skills can help the child dragon to get the skills without learning.

This child dragon can even help you win multiple battles with the skills it has inherited. But, how will you know that mating particular two dragons will help in generating a new dragon with amazing skills?

Here comes the Dragon breeding calculator. This calculator will suggest you the best combination of dragons in different generations and further create a rare and legendary dragon. You will not be able to figure out the resultant egg as there is no set of formula to create the egg. Dragon city designed the game structure in a way that it decided the resultant egg randomly. However, with Dragon Breeding calculator you can find out the best possible outcomes by mating the legendary parent dragons.

In this post, you will find the best calculator for dragon breeding. Depending on the type and level of the dragon you have, the calculator will suggest you to second parent dragon which matches with the first one as well as the skills to create a rare and legendary dragon.

You can create a flame dragon, metal dragon, ice dragon, dark dragon, electric dragon, nature dragon, sea dragon, rare hybrid dragons, legendary dragons, pure dragons, war dragons, and light dragons as well. Some of the combinations are mentioned below. When you first enter the game, you will need to level up your dragon by feeding until it reaches at least level 4.

To start breeding, you have to build a building ground like a breeding tree or breeding mountain. Then you will get the option to select the dragon which you would like to breed.

Though it will take some time to create the egg, you can feel happy that the resultant dragon is what you are expecting. This is the reason why you need to try breeding calculator of dragon city.

This breeding calculator will help you to find the resultant once you have decided on the parental dragons. Once you have the dragon city eggs, it will take even more time to hatch them into the child dragons.

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