Chatushashti yogini

Located near the mesmerising River Narmada, Chausath Yogini Temple is a 10th century ancient temple that resembles the temple in Khajuraho.

It was built during the Kalachuri Kingdom. The presiding deity is Goddess Durga. The temple follows the Yogini culture in India with about 70 Yoginis residing in the temple. Sign in with Facebook. Sign in with Google. Places Near Bangalore. Places Near Kolkata. Places Near Chennai.

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Chausath Yogini Temple

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chatushashti yogini

By knowing the mere name of the Yogini operating for a person, the things happening in the life of that person during the period of Yogini can be known.

According the Rudrayamal, the Yogini dasha gives excellent results in Kaliyuga:. The dashas propounded by various ancient masters were excellent for the three yugas — Satyayuga, Tretayuga and Dwaparayuga — but for Kaliyuga, dasha calculatation based on Yogini dasha is great for giving all types of results. In view of the above statement, it is surprising why this dasha is not more universally employed.

The conditions of applicability of three dashas — Vimshottari, Ashtottari and Yogini — are given thus:. Out of the three dashas applicable at the time of birth, Vimshottari dasha should be applied for the births at night during Shukla Paksha and Ashtottari dasha for births during day in Krishna Paksha.

Chausathi Jogini Temple (Odisha)

In all other cases Yogini dasha gives results. It is generally observed that Yogini dasha, like Vimshottari dasha, gives results even if applied unconditionally.

The sequence of these Yoginis, their lords and operative periods are given in Table 1. Please observe that the sequence of Yoginis is alternatively benefic and malefic and their periods are progressively increasing by one year.

Yogini dasha is a nakshatrika dasha based on the nakshatra of the Moon at the time of birth. Note down the nakshatra number of the Moon, taking Ashwini as nakshatra number 1. Add 3 to it. Divide by 8. The remainder represents the Yogini dasha operative at the time of birth. It should be restricted to whole numbers and remainder be noted down. If the remainer is 1 the dasha operative at the time of birth is Mangala, if 2, Pingla, and so on.

To calculate Yogini dasha operative at the time of birth, note down the nakshatra of the Moon which is Anuradha, nakshatra number To this figure add 3.

The result is Now divide by 8. The quotient is 2 and the remainder is 4. The balance of dasha is dependent on the degrees remaining to be traversed by the Moon in its nakshatra. The Yogini operating at the time of birth was Bhramari whose full extent is 4 years or 48 months.

In the major period of each Yogini, sub-periods of all Yoginis operate according to the propotional periods in the natural order starting from its own sub period. For example in the major period of Dhanya, sub-periods of all Yoginis will operate starting from Dhanya.In the Hindu religion Yoginis are females credited with magical powers Kinsley The history surrounding the yoginis is scarce and can vary from source to source.

chatushashti yogini

Consensus is that the cult first appeared around the sixth to seventh century Gadon The cult did not begin to thrive however, until the ninth century and stayed fairly popular through to the twelfth century Gadon According to the scholar Vidya Dehejia, the roots of Yogini worship are outside the normal orthodox Brahmanical traditions. The Yogini traditions are tantric in nature and therefore have strong connections to rural and tribal traditions Donaldson The origin of the Yoginis appears to be in small, rural villages Dehejia 1.

They are local village goddesses, grama devataswho look over the welfare of an individual village Dehejia 1. Through Tantrism, these local deities were able to gain new forms and vitality as a group of goddesses who could impart magical powers to their worshippers Dehejia 2.

These powers included: anima the ability to become very smalllaghima the power to levitate and to be able to leave your body at willgarima the power to become very heavymahima the power to become large in sizeistiva the power to control the body and mind of oneself and othersparakamya the power to make others do your bidingvasitva the power to control the five elements and kamavasayitva the power to be able to fulfill all your desires Dehejia Village goddesses progressively transformed and merged into powerful numerical groupings Dehejia The numerical groupings associated with the yoginis vary from text to textbut the most common grouping is sixty-four Donaldson There are very few references to yoginis being alone Donaldson The numbers eight, twelve, sixteen and sixty-four seem to elevate the yoginis to a higher status Donaldson The number eight is considered to be very auspicious and have great potency and within the Hindu religion Dehejia As the square of eight, sixty-four, has even more power and is considered to be extremely auspicious in Tantric literature Donaldson When the Yoginis are divided into groups of eight it is, usually, to associate each group with a separate deity Donaldson The groups usually take on the attributes of whichever deity they are connected with Donaldson Although the grouping of the yoginis into sixty-four is fairly uniform throughout the literature, their names, descriptions and characteristics are not Donaldson The cult of the yoginis is often associated with a sense of fear and awe because the yoginis are sculpted with demonic expressions or other dark attributes Gadon When the yoginis are depicted in sculpture or described in text they often have the heads of various birds such as: parrots, hawks, peacocks, eagles, pigeons, and owls Kinsley They were also carved with characteristics from other animals Donaldson These include: the frog, elephantjackal, goat, ox, cat, tiger, horse, and snake Donaldson Along with having the qualities of birds and other animals, the yoginis are repeatedly talked about as having severed heads in their hands or scattered around their feet Gadon Enter something special:.

My prayer is for everyone to embrace the flow of Shakti into their lives as Divine Grace. Jai Ma Guru! Yogini Shambhavi Devi is one of the most important and dynamic women teachers of the deeper aspects of Yoga coming out of India today, widely respected worldwide and in traditional circles in India. She is also our Jyotishacharya or master teacher of Vedic astrology and handles astrological consultations for the institute.

Yogini Shambhavi is a mystic Yogini, spiritual guide and educator of ancient Vedic traditions and is noted for her clear, direct, and uncompromising expression, and her ability to inspire seekers from every walk of life. Her teachings and guidance inspire one to experience and celebrate the Shakti path through jnana wisdomcontemplation, sacred rituals, Devi Sadhana and mantra chanting.

She has numerous disciples throughout the world. The Yoga Shakti retreats are held in different places of special natural beauty and spiritual power worldwide, especially India, and are hosted along with various associated Yoga and Vedic groups, under the guidance of Shambhavi and Vamadeva. Yogini Shambhavi personally guides these retreats and they are a great place to experience her energy and her teachings.

As a learned spiritual teacher, she guides many aspirants. She is a true enlightening Guru to many. With Her knowledge of Shakta literature with achievements in that direction in Sadhana, she is an ideal Guide in Shakti Sadhana.

With very popular discourses She is acknowledged as a Guru, guide, a scholar and an upright conversationist. She continues to nobly serve the cause of spiritual sadhana in our country and abroad. Sivanandamurty Mahamahopadhyaya, Desikottama. At this juncture in humanity, awakening the feminine offers hope that we can re-establish the balance of forces on Earth for the benefit of all.

S hambhavi relives what she has felt over the years in the blue of the sky, in the enormity of sacred mountains, in her enlightenment within, in the barefoot light of time. She has envisioned Kali as an image of the divinity of man, as what humans make and are not. Her mind is ablaze on the steps of Kali in the waters of her consciousness. Shambhavi sprinkles syllables of milk from the depths of time to breathe the moment eternal, in instantaneous architectures of reflection, and in many colours of meaning.

chatushashti yogini

Shambhavi writes with the heart of a devotee, the soul of poet, and the insight of a sage. Shambhavi states that her deepest blessing revealed the nuances of tapas in my darshan of Sri K. March of his magnetic touch transcended the blessings of Bhagwan and Ganapati Muni in an instant of anugraha, the flow of divine grace. She facilitates one to draw the Shakti power of the Planets as divine grace into all levels of our lives.

With Vamadeva Shastri she conducts teachings and programs worldwide. You can find many of her articles and some book excerpts on our website under the Knowledge Center. My Account. Natesanji Shambhavi states that her deepest blessing revealed the nuances of tapas in my darshan of Sri K.Located at an hour's drive away from Jabalpur, history has to offer one of its oldest religious sites - the Chausath Yogini Temple near Bhedaghat region.

There are exactly 64 carved figures of Yoginis, each one in her own designated shrine, skirting the inner wall of the circular premises of the temple. As a bonus, the panoramic view of the mighty Narmada from the high open courtyard presents to you a lovely scene to be captured in the camera as well as to be remembered in the mind.

However, some of them were not so good for the temple, as its construction suffered severe blows from Muslim rulers in later centuries who were determined to wipe away any reminiscence of Hinduism. However, this temple has stood the test of time and religious hatred and is now a favourite historical retreat for travellers. Once you climb the something stairs up to the central area, you get a prolific idea of 10th-century central Indian architecture as well the significance of Yoga tantric beliefs.

This is also the only place where you will find the grandest couple of Hindu mythology, Lord Shiva and his consort Goddess Parvati riding the symbolic Nandi Bull. The idols of Shiv-Parvati stand in the Gauri-Shankar temple in the centre which is believed to be built at a later time than the original temple with Yoginis.

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The 64 Yoginis

Chausath Yogini Temple, Jabalpur Overview Located at an hour's drive away from Jabalpur, history has to offer one of its oldest religious sites - the Chausath Yogini Temple near Bhedaghat region. Photos of Chausath Yogini Temple. Read More on Chausath Yogini Temple. Origin of Chausath Yogini.From the ninth through at least the thirteenth centuries, there was an active cult of dakinis usually called yoginis in today's India.

At least nine yogini temples have been discovered so far. It is generally thought that these shrines were centres for tantric practices the ultimate goal of which was the acquisition of extraordinary abilities Skt. Some inscriptions indicate that dakini rituals were practiced well into the 16th century, but within mainstream Indian religion the cult diminished to the point that its temples were abandoned. Yet even today, offerings are often left at the feet of the images.

Today, many students of Indian religion are familiar with some of the tantric practices associated with the worship of the Great God Skt. MahadevaTib. Lha chenpo, Lord Shiva. For example, in the Kaula Marga Path of Time practice, yoginis of different categories are included in the chakra or circle of experience.

When the deity is experienced in wrathful form as Bhairava, the practice is known as Bhairavi Chakra. For the sadhaka, the breaking of taboos extends to the jati occupational caste of the maithun partner; a man would seek out a Dombi laundress or a Madhumati brewer and so on. These kinds of contravention of norms or vows seems to be a constituent of the majority of wrathful deity practices.

Kali and Durga are two wrathful forms of the consort of Shiva, and worship, especially at the main shrines, includes the sacrifice of animals. This and other normally forbidden activities play a role in the worship of other, local, Indian goddesses, especially at the times of the year considered sacred to them. However, most tantric texts use sexual references as a kind of code for something else. Mahadeva Tib. The "Benevolent Lord of the World" is sometimes seen as an emanation of Chenresi.

Hirapur One of these centres was at the Mahamaya Temple on the banks of the sacred Bhargavi river at Hirapur, 15 km. Another Orissan one is at Ranipur. The others are at Khajuraho and at Bhedaghat near Jabalpur. Mahamayathe presiding deity of the Hirapur temple, is still regularly adorned with red cloth and vermilion. Mahamaya or, Great Illusion, is also a name by which the Buddha's mother is known.

Hirapur means the diamond city. The Hindi or Sanskrit name is also transliterated Heera. This is familiar to us from Greek mythology where the name, Hera, is usually taken to mean widowdespite the fact that the queen of the Olympian gods was Zeus' lawful wife and mother to Hera cles.

On an archaic amphora, she is depicted attended by Nike, whose association with space is conveyed by means of wings.

The Hirapur hypaeythral temple. Hemmer's photo. More about structure of the Hirapur temple Yogini or Dakini? There is a distinction among the terms goddess, shakti, yogini and dakini also, shakini though in general conversation it is blurred and the terms are used interchangeably. Goddess is a divine being of the highest order.

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